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Dear Customers

Welcome to our beautiful online jewelry store. Jewelry Breathtaking Design is the online store that has the highest quality fashion jewelries in the market today. Our company is located in Miami, Florida and we have employed the best team of artists to individually select the most trendiest and fashionable jewelries. For our valuable customers we offer a luxurious and diverse selection of jewelries with styles ranging from contemporary, art deco, classic, floral and integrated designed to please the highest demands of our clients. What makes our jewelries special is the higher quality and outstanding designs. In terms of quality we offer jewelries with higher valuable stones such as turquoise, crystal, rhinestones that give the jewelries the rich and chich look for the special day or the evening in town. Our designs are spectacular with various patterns integrated in beautiful precision. In addition, we have the highly colorful collection on the market today. The colors of our precious stones and designs are vivid and shiny that glow on the light with different tones. Furthermore, the chain and finishes of our products are polished with rhodium, which is the highly expensive polished material that gives the chain the implacable shine.

Our Outstanding Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee to Our Customers

We guarantee to our customers that when you buy our jewelries, you will look and feel million dollars worth value. As customers you have 100% percent satisfaction guarantee from the quality of the stones, to the most gorgeous and colorful designs. Our perfect chain with polished shines with rhodium to perfection will make you jewelries last for a long time. Our jewelries will upgrade your outfits immediately and make you look gorgeous.

 Secure Website

Secure shopping is the most important priority for our company. We offer our customers the best and guarantee security on their transactions. Our website is powered by. the most known e-commerce platform Big Commerce and we have added Norton Secure protection to our website to protect each transaction and the identity of our customers. At all your transactions will be secured.

 Our Faster Shipping and Luxurious Gift Box Wrapping

Our shipping and wrapping are the highest priorities for our customers. Our shipping company” “International 3PL” is among the fastest and the most reputable shipping companies in the USA. We guarantee that you will receive your product on time for every order. In addition, we pack each item in a luxurious anti tarnish gift box wrapping, which will make the perfect gift for you and the people you love. See our example in the navigation menu bar. Therefore, our packaging and shipping offer you the best quality service.

 First Time Customer Discount

For our valuable first time customers we offer 10 % discount on every product. Just imply add the code “8D3D1F586E55628” at the check out button where it says coupon and the discount will generate automatically.

We Are Happy to Hear From You

We always love to hear from our customers. We value you suggestions and your options and we will immediately integrate them in our business practices. Feel free to contact our company at our main office in Miami, Florida at 786-284-0177 or 786-426-9392 from Monday to Sunday anytime, or simply fill out our contact page in the web. Also you can email us at


Best Regards and Happy Shopping

The Management Team