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Our store offers higher quality jewelry and beautiful designs and makes the experience of finding the right jewelry easier and enjoyable.


The Problem of Finding Quality and Beautiful Design Fashion Jewelry

Many customers today complain about their inability to find jewelry with beautiful designs and good quality. They spend a tremendous amount of time online and on the stores trying to find a nice set of necklace or a good pair of earrings. This problem derives from the fact that the jewelry market is very small and finding the right jewelry is difficult. Most jewelry have light designs and they look and feel not valuable. It becomes more difficult when customers have good outfits or they want to make a gift, but they cannot find an adequate jewelry set to match that outfit. Often they are wondering what should they do and wear for that perfect occasion. This is a major problem because the jewelries that do not look good make the outfits look and feel unattractive. That is why we offer customers an excellent alternative to buy our jewelry sets and earrings which have higher quality stones and beautiful designs. At Jewelry Breathtaking Design we measure the quality with higher standards based on each component of the jewelry our team of experts id comprised with buyers with higher degrees in business and art to give you the best quality and beautiful designs. Our higher quality standards are based on the following features

  • Beautiful Precious Stones. Precious stones enhance the value and the appearance of the jewelry. They are polished and shiny and comprise of materials that have higher market value totaling in thousands of dollars next to diamonds. In our store you will find necklace sets with different precious stones at a very reasonable price. These examples include :
  • Turquoise: A beautiful gemstone with higher value and composite structure beautifully cut on smooth large stones that make the necklaces and earrings look beautiful and expensive. The customers that wear necklace sets or earrings with turquoise feel the expensive and beautiful look that derives from the vivid blue to green colors of the stones and their fabulous design that will upgrade any outfits. Turquoise are flexible and be worn with any outfit in day or night. See an example from our luxurious turquoise sets of necklaces.


  • Crystal and Rhinestone: The most beautiful and dazzling stones that resemble diamonds and crystal and rhinestones. These stones glow in different colors in the light creating a spectacular mosaic of colors. Customers who wear the necklaces with precious stones feel their expensive and luxurious beauty that enhance their appearance and make them feel special. Perfect for any occasion, evening beauty to make you sparkle in that gorgeous dress sparkle. See our example from our store




  • Perfect Polished Finishes: Among the most important components of the necklace sets is the chain. Many necklace sets in a market today have chains that is not appealing, which makes the entire necklace look unattractive. At jewelrybreathtakingdesign.com we pay very close attention to the details. We select jewelries with chain polished with “Rhodium “, which is the most expansive jewelry polishing material in the market today. The color on the chain is lustrous and last for a long time. See the example from our store


  • Exceptional Designs: When we talk about design, in our store beauty is a reality. Each necklace is unique with integrated colors and more than two designs integrated in a necklace sets. In our store you will find art deco, contemporary, classic, mesmerizing floral collection. Our rich and extensive collection of jewelries has the perfect design for any occasion. See picture below



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